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Free to play virtual tabletop you can use in your browser!

Create worlds with unlimited possibilities!
QuestForge is currently in EARLY alpha testing mode. Report bugs here on Github

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With our Quest Editor , you can unleash your creativity and create maps, NPC's, monsters, markets and more! Design levels, characters, and stories that will blow your friends away.

QuestForge is an in-browser 3D virtual tabletop that allows you to create, pplay and save your tabletop games in one place.

QuestForge is free to use with paid addons - these paid assets help support the delivery of 3D assets and multiplayer services. Paid subscribers get more map save slots, more 3D assets and more features to enrich the gaming experience.

Currently QuestForge works best in-browser in Chrome with a Mac or PC that has GPU capabilities and should work with any mid-range CPUs. If you can run other 3D projects on your computer, you should be able to run QuestForge.

There are hundreds of 3D assets available to use in QuestForge, with more being added every week. Some are limited to paid subscribers, but there are plenty of free assets to use as well.

Yes! You can upload your own 3D models and use them in your games.You can also use your own images for maps and textures. Currently supported formarts for custom models are .STL and .GLB (with embedded textures).

Yes! QuestForge supports multiplayer games - you can quickly create a room and invite your friends to join you in your game. Everyone has the same access, so they should be ale to move models, edit the map and much more.

QuestForge is in early access alpha testing mode, so there are bound to be bugs. If you find a bug, please report it here on Github

You can always contact us via email at Send us your questions and feedback and we'll get in touch!